13+ Best Replies to ‘Enjoy Your Trip’

From your nosy neighbor to the barista at your local coffee shop, everyone wants to wish you well on your travels. But how does one respond? Have no fear, we’ve got your back.

We’ll reveal foolproof formulas to take your reply game to dazzling new heights. Soon you’ll be equipped with enough snappy comebacks to make Oscar Wilde proud.

What is the best response to “Enjoy your trip”?

The best response is to keep it short, sweet, and sincere by saying “Thank you, I plan to!” or “Thanks, I’m looking forward to it!” This shows appreciation while conveying excitement for the upcoming journey. Other good options are playful quips like “Don’t worry, I will!” or “You know I will!”

10 Best Comeback Replies for “Enjoy Your Trip”

1. Why, yes I will!

This cheeky response adds a dash of humor while affirming your intentions to have an awesome time. Short, sweet, and sure to get a smile. Follow up with specific details about activities you can’t wait to do, places you’ll explore, or delicious local cuisine you look forward to devouring.

Other ideas: Of course! / You know it! / Is the Pope Catholic?

2. Thanks, I’m counting down the days!

For the eager traveler bursting with pre-trip excitement, this response conveys thrilled anticipation. Include how long until liftoff to highlight the imminent nature of your adventure.

Other ideas: I’m marking off the days on my calendar! / I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months!

3. I don’t plan on doing anything else!

Emphasizing your wholehearted commitment to maximize enjoyment, this cheeky quip says “I solemnly swear to have ALL the fun.” For bonus laughs, add specific over-the-top activities like “lounging poolside with a fruity drink in hand.”

Other ideas: What else would I do? / That’s the plan! /You know me, I was made for this!

4. Are you kidding? This trip is going to be awesome!

Sometimes you’ve just got to state the obvious. If you’re literally buzzing with excitement, respond earnestly. Describe what thrills you the most, be it exploring ancient ruins, trying exotic cuisine, or connecting with friendly locals. Your zeal will be contagious!

Other ideas: Is the sky blue? / Does a bear poop in the woods?

5. Thanks! I’m just hoping there’s good WiFi.

With the modern curse of constant connectivity, this quip about fretting over internet access pokes fun at first-world problems. Bonus points if you actually will need to plug in for work during your travels. Extra props if you throw in a specific app like “How else will I chronicle every meal for my Instagram followers?”

Other ideas: Here’s hoping I can squeeze in some work emails between daiquiris! / As long as I can still binge Netflix at night, I’ll survive.

6. Are you kidding? Getting away from work emails is the best part!

The perfect counterpoint if someone accuses you of being tempted to sneak in work on vacation. This spirited celebration of fully unplugging will resound with anyone who desperately needs a break from the daily grind. Pepper in specifics about your fabulous itinerary so they appreciate how you’ll fill all your newfound free time.

Other ideas: Forget email, I’m going completely off the grid! / The out of office auto-reply is already set!

7. Don’t worry, I know how to have fun!

For the free spirit who lives life to the fullest, this playful reassurance communicates your fun credentials. Expand by naming adventurous activities you crave like surfing, volcano hiking, or shark cage diving to affirm your wild and crazy reputation.

Other ideas: This trip is going to rock! / Let the good times roll!

8. Thanks, your well wishes mean a lot!

Heartfelt and sincere for those milestone adventures, this warm response shows gratitude. Elaborate how special the journey will be, highlighting meaningful sites you’ll see or once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll share with loved ones. Punch up the emotions to match the magnitude of the occasion.

Other ideas: I really appreciate your thoughtfulness! / That’s so kind of you to say!

9. You bet! I can’t wait to send you a postcard!

Offering to share trip mementos with your well-wisher personalizes the interaction. Specify if you’ll mail kitschy souvenirs, tantalizing food treats or stunning photos to remind them of your gratitude long after you return. Consider actually following through to spread the travel love.

Other ideas: Expect plenty of obnoxious “Wish You Were Here!” pics headed your way! / I’m gonna snap some epic shots just for you!

10. I sure hope so…I spent a fortune on this trip!

Sometimes an exaggerated lament about the high cost of adventuring lands perfectly. Especially if splurging for once-in-a-lifetime overload shenanigans or far-flung destinations. Be sure to detail the most outrageous expenses like circus training school or zero gravity flights! Sympathy laughs all around!

Other ideas: Here’s hoping I get my money’s worth! / Let’s see if being broke was worth it!

How to Reply to Girls

When responding to gal pals wishing you epic adventures, show your feminine side by emphasizing connections, relationships and doing some name-dropping. Weave in details about bonding with travel companions, meaningful sites you’ll see with friends/family or exclusive VIP access opportunities.


Thanks girlfriend, my college roomies and I have been planning this reunion trip for ages! We can’t wait to recreate our favorite spring break memories.

Aww, so sweet of you! My mom is finally taking me to see her hometown in Italy. I can’t wait for her to introduce me to all my distant relatives!

How to Reply to Guys

When responding to fellas wishing you epic travels, embrace your inner frat boy. Boast about rock star status experiences like jamming with local bands or befriending celebrity chef restaurant owners. Flash bravado referencing wild activities like volcano surfing, shipwreck diving or kickboxing with Thai monks.


You know it bud! Me and the boys plan to crush some epic powder runs then tear up the nightlife at the favorite local spots our ski instructor hooks us up with.

Just watch me dude! I’m jumping off waterfalls, climbing ancient ruins barefoot and trying bizarre foods that would make Fear Factor look like child’s play! This Indiana Jones wannabe is ready for action!

Key Takeaways

1. Keep responses short, sweet and sincere. Straightforward well wishes conveying your excitement to enjoy yourself are universally appealing.

2. Playful humor hits the right note. Lighthearted quips show you don’t take yourself too seriously while affirming your intentions to have fun.

3. Personalize for your audience. Share special trip details to connect one-on-one with the well-wisher and show your appreciation for their interest.

In Conclusion…

Bon voyage! From quick quips to vulnerable sharing, artfully navigating “Enjoy your trip!” wishes unlocks rewarding human connections. With this crash course under your belt, you’re ready to brave any conversational territory. Stuck on that deserted island or floating through space, you could charm inquisitive aliens with your finessed repartee skills. But for now, focus on crafting the perfect reply for your next adventure!

Safe travels, my witty friend!

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