101+ Best Responses to a “TBH” on Instagram: Witty, Flirty & More

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Sarah Koch


Let’s talk about something we’ve all experienced at some point – getting a “TBH” (To Be Honest) message on Instagram. Whether it’s from a friend, a crush, or even a random follower, those three little letters can leave us feeling excited, confused, or downright panicked.

But fear not, my friends! I’m here to help you navigate the choppy waters of TBH responses with some clever comebacks and genuine advice.

What Does TBH Mean on Instagram?

Quick Answer: TBH stands for “To Be Honest” on Instagram and other social media platforms.

So, now you know what TBH means. But how do you actually respond when someone hits you with that blunt opener? Here are some witty comebacks and thoughtful replies to have at the ready:

Flirty TBH Responses

“Well, TBH, I’m flattered!”

This flirty response is perfect when you receive an honest compliment or confession from a crush. It acknowledges their candor in a playful way, while also suggesting you’re interested.

When someone sends you an honest compliment, don’t be afraid to lean into the flirty banter. Respond with something along the lines of “Well, TBH, I’m flattered! But I have to ask – what else do you like about me?” or “TBH, I’ve had a crush on you too! We should grab coffee sometime and get to know each other better.”

Other flirty TBH responses:

  1. “TBH, I’m glad you said something. I’ve been wanting to ask you out for a while now.”
  2. “Wow, TBH, I’m blushing! But don’t sell yourself short – you’re pretty amazing too.”
  3. “TBH, I think we have some serious chemistry. Want to grab drinks and see where things go?”
  4. “Aww, TBH, you’re so sweet! Let’s hang out soon – I’d love to get to know the real you.”
  5. “TBH, I’m really into you too. Maybe we can make this official and go on a proper date?”
  6. “Well, TBH, that made my day! You always know how to make me smile.”
  7. “TBH, I’ve been crushing on you hard. Want to be my date to [insert event]?”
  8. “Omg, TBH, same! I didn’t know if you felt the same way. We should definitely explore this connection.”
  9. “TBH, I’m so attracted to you. But don’t just tell me – show me how you feel!”
  10. “TBH, I’m totally smitten. What do you say we make things official?”

Witty TBH Responses

“Wow, TBH? I didn’t realize we were being THAT honest!”

This witty response pokes a little fun at the directness of the TBH message, while still leaving room for a playful back-and-forth exchange.

If someone opens with a blunt or borderline rude “TBH” remark, you may want to respond with a witty reply that calls out the oversharing while still keeping things light. Try something like “Wow, TBH? I didn’t realize we were being that honest!” or “TBH, that was a little harsh – but I still love you!”

Other witty comebacks:

  1. “Oof, TBH? How about TBN (to be nice) next time?”
  2. “TBH, I thought we were still in the polite dishonesty stage of our friendship!”
  3. “Wow, TBH, huh? You really went there. But I still think you’re pretty cool.”
  4. “Geez, don’t hold back or anything! TBH, your candor is…refreshing.”
  5. “TBH? More like TMI (too much information)! But I appreciate the honesty, I guess.”
  6. “TBH? Uh oh, here comes some brutal truth! Well, bring it on, I can take it.”
  7. “TBH, your honesty is a little on the ruthless side. But I still dig your vibe.”
  8. “Damn, hit me with that TBH! Was that so hard to say to my face?”
  9. “TBH, your honesty is as jarring as that god-awful shirt you’re wearing. Just kidding! Love ya!”
  10. “Whoa, TBH? Let’s scale it back a bit. How about we start with TBP (to be polite)?”

Clever TBH Comebacks

“TBH, you should probably keep some of those thoughts to yourself!”

This clever response calls out the brutal honesty of an overtly rude TBH message in a playful way, encouraging the sender to dial it back a bit.

When someone hits you with an overly harsh or just downright mean “TBH” message, you may want to fire back a clever comeback that puts them in their place. Go with something like “TBH, you should probably keep some of those thoughts to yourself!” or “Ouch, TBH? How about TBFH – to be a little friendlier next time!”

Other witty comebacks:

  1. “TBH, I think your honesty button is a little bit stuck. We should get that checked out.”
  2. “Damn, TBH alert! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”
  3. “TBH, you may want to workshop those delivery skills a bit before laying on the harsh truth.”
  4. “Yikes, TBH? Way to sugarcoat it. Guess tact isn’t your strong suit!”
  5. “Whoa, didn’t realize we were playing the total honesty game today. TBH, you kinda suck at it.”
  6. “TBH, you’re lucky you’re cute, because your brutal honesty game needs some serious work.”
  7. “TBH, I’d be more impressed if you said that to my face instead of hiding behind a screen.”
  8. “Damn, TBH? Didn’t your parents teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”
  9. “Wow, TBH? Where’s all this coming from? I thought we were friends!”
  10. “TBH, I’d take those honesty skills down from a 10 to like…a 3. Baby steps.”

Savage TBH Comebacks

“Well TBH, with that attitude, no wonder you’re still single!”

This comeback is the perfect clapback to an overly harsh or unnecessarily rude “TBH” message. It calls out the sender’s poor behavior in a savage yet still playful way.

If someone really crosses the line with a mean-spirited TBH remark, you may want to respond in kind with a savage comeback. Shut them down with something like “Well TBH, with that attitude, no wonder you’re still single!” or “Wow, TBH? You must be really fun at parties.”

Other savage comebacks:

  1. “Ouch, TBH? Did your last brain cell just give up on you?”
  2. “TBH, you’re kind of a jerk sometimes. But hey, we all have our flaws.”
  3. “TBH, that was just rude. But don’t worry, I still think you’re a total catch!” (sarcasm heavily implied)
  4. “TBH, that was hurtful. Is this your way of lashing out because you’re still hung up on me?”
  5. “Damn, TBH? You kiss your mother with that mouth? Sheesh.”
  6. 6. “Geez, TBH? What a charming prince you are. No wonder all the ladies swoon!”
  7. “TBH, you may want to work on toning down those edgelord tendencies. It’s not a good look.”
  8. “TBH, why don’t you save some of your precious honesty for your diary, Mr. Angsty McEdgelord?”
  9. “Wow, TBH? And just when I thought your personality couldn’t get any worse…”
  10. “Ouch, TBH! Careful, honey, your bitterness is showing. Let’s get you a glass of warm milk and a nap.”

Savage Comeback Category
Calling Out Rudeness“TBH, you may want to workshop those delivery skills a bit before laying on the harsh truth.” <br> “Damn, TBH? You kiss your mother with that mouth? Sheesh.”
Questioning Likability“Well TBH, with that attitude, no wonder you’re still single!” <br> “Geez, TBH? What a charming prince you are. No wonder all the ladies swoon!”
Suggesting Bitterness“Ouch, TBH! Careful, honey, your bitterness is showing. Let’s get you a glass of warm milk and a nap.”
Implying Bad Personality“Wow, TBH? And just when I thought your personality couldn’t get any worse…”

Funny TBH Responses

“TBQH (To Be Quite Honest), your bluntness cracks me up!”

This funny reply acknowledges the directness of the TBH message in a humorous way, while also lightly poking fun at the sender’s lack of tact.

If a friend sends you an overly candid TBH remark, you can respond with a playful, funny quip. Go with something like “TBQH (To Be Quite Honest), your bluntness cracks me up!” or “Okay, TBH, I think it’s time for you to learn what tact is.”

Other funny TBH responses:

  1. “Oof, TBH alert! Was there a sale on brutal honesty I didn’t know about?”
  2. “Haha, I appreciate the TBH moment, but don’t quit your day job to become a diplomat anytime soon.”
  3. “Well TBH, thanks for keeping it real, I guess? Even if your delivery could use some work.”
  4. “TBH, TMI, TBR (too brutal), TTYL (talk to you later when you’ve learned some tact!)”
  5. “Wow, who knew three little letters could convey so much savagery? TBH, I’m impressed.”
  6. “Should I call you the TBH Master, or the Candor King? Either way, yikes!”
  7. “Geez, TBH? I almost choked on my drink from that blunt remark. Thanks for the laugh, at least!”
  8. “Omg, TBH? I thought my grandma was the only one who still talked like that.”
  9. “Whoa, TMI! But TBH, your honesty gives me a good chuckle sometimes.”
  10. “Haha, well, that was certainly an honest TBH. A+ for candor, F for subtlety!”

Sincere TBH Responses

“TBH, I’m glad you felt comfortable being open with me.”

This sincere response acknowledges and appreciates the vulnerability and trust involved in an honest “TBH” confession or remark.

If someone opens up to you with a deeply personal or confessional TBH message, you’ll want to respond thoughtfully and sincerely. Say something like “TBH, I’m glad you felt comfortable being open with me. You can always count on me to keep it real with you too.”

Other sincere responses:

  1. “TBH, I know that must not have been easy to say. Thank you for trusting me.”
  2. “Wow, TBH? I appreciate your vulnerability. Know that I’m here for you, unconditionally.”
  3. “TBH, your honesty means a lot to me. It shows how close and genuine our friendship is.”
  4. “Thank you for being so candid, TBH. I’ll do my best to match your authenticity.”
  5. “TBH, your honesty is so refreshing. It’s part of why I love you as a friend.”
  6. “TBH, it takes a lot of courage to open up like that. I’m proud of you for taking that step.”
  7. “TBH, what you said really resonated with me. Honesty is so important in any relationship.”
  8. “Wow, TBH. I’m touched you felt comfortable enough to confide in me like that.”
  9. “TBH, your vulnerability inspires me. Keep being true to yourself – it’s beautiful.”
  10. “TBH, your honesty is a quality I’ve always admired about you. Thank you for keeping it real.”

Thoughtful TBH Responses

“TBH, I appreciate you sharing your perspective with me.”

This thoughtful response validates the sender’s candid opinion or view, while also leaving room for further respectful discussion.

When someone messages you their honest take or perspective on something, reply in a considerate way. Say something like “TBH, I appreciate you sharing your perspective with me, even if I may not totally agree. I’d love to hear more about why you feel that way.”

Other sincere responses:

  1. “TBH, that’s an interesting viewpoint. I’m curious to hear more about what led you there.”
  2. “TBH, I respect your honesty, even if that opinion feels harsh or misguided to me right now.”
  3. “Huh, TBH, I hadn’t thought about it quite that way before. Thanks for broadening my perspective.”
  4. “Wow, TBH? I may not agree 100%, but I absolutely appreciate you sharing your honest thoughts.”
  5. “TBH, your candor challenges me to re-examine some of my own beliefs. I think that’s healthy.”
  6. “TBH, your take surprises me a bit. But different views are what make conversations so stimulating.”
  7. “TBH, hearing your perspective will take some processing for me, but I’m glad you felt you could be open.”
  8. “Huh, TBH, that’s certainly a bold stance. Tell me more about what shaped that viewpoint for you.”
  9. “TBH, while it clashes with my own views, I appreciate you offering your candid opinion.”
  10. “Hmm, TBH, I hadn’t considered that angle before. I may not agree, but I respect your honesty.”

Playful TBH Responses

“TBH, is it getting hot in here or is it just your scorching honesty?”

This playful response pokes fun at the directness of the TBH message in a flirty, lighthearted manner.

When a crush or potential love interest sends you an honest compliment or confession over Instagram, you can respond lightheartedly. Say something like “TBH, is it getting hot in here or is it just your scorching honesty?” or “Wow, TBH moment! I think I might be blushing.”

Other flirty, playful TBH replies:

  1. “Oooh, someone’s being honest and vulnerable. I like it!”
  2. “Damn, TBH? Maybe put a warning label on that bluntness next time – it’s making me sweat.”
  3. “My, my, someone’s in a candid mood today. Could this mean trouble for me?” (winky face)
  4. “Haha, whoa, TBH? You’re making me a little flustered over here!”
  5. “Well, well. TBH, I didn’t realize we were keeping it that real. Kinda into it, though…”
  6. “Oof, careful – all that honest might start to make you irresistible!”
  7. “Honesty looks good on you. Or is that just the flattering bathroom lighting?”
  8. Haha, TBH, are you sure? Because I’ve got some honesty for you too – you’re looking fiiiine

How to Reply to a Girl’s TBH

When a girl sends you a candid “TBH” message on Instagram, you’ll want to tailor your response appropriately. Be attentive, respectful, and emotionally intelligent in your reply.

If a girl compliments you honestly, like “TBH, I’ve always thought you were super cute,” you might say something flirty yet sincere like:

“Aw, thanks, that’s so sweet of you to say! TBH, I’ve had my eye on you for a while too. We should definitely get to know each other better.

If she shares a harsh opinion, such as “TBH, I’m not a fan of your latest Instagram post,” respond thoughtfully:

Huh, TBH, I appreciate you sharing your honest take, even if it stings a bit. I’m always open to feedback, so tell me more about what rubbed you the wrong way.”

Overall, tailor your TBH responses to a girl to make her feel heard, respected, and valued. Validate her candor, engage her perspective, and be open and direct without being brash.

How to Reply to a Guy’s TBH

When a guy hits you with a “TBH” message, you may need to deftly call out any inappropriate harshness or rudeness. That said, match sincerity with sincerity and try to understand where he’s coming from.

If a guy confesses something admirably vulnerable, like “TBH, I’m really struggling with my mental health lately,” you might reply with empathy and care:

TBH, I’m so sorry you’re going through that. It means a lot that you felt comfortable opening up to me. Please know that I’m here for you and happy to listen whenever you need an ear.”

On the flip side, if a guy makes an inappropriate, mean-spirited, or sexually crude “TBH” statement, you may need to shut that down assertively:

Wow, TBH? That was really out of line and disrespectful. I don’t appreciate being spoken to that way. Check yourself before you come at me like that again.”

The key with guys is to validate sincere vulnerability, while firmly standing up to any brutish or entitled attitudes displayed in their “TBH” statements.

Key Takeaways

  • While responding to TBH on Instagram Remain respectful, engage thoughtfully, and keep it real!
  • Match the vibe – meet sincere vulnerability with empathy and bluntness with cleverness.
  • An open, authentic approach will earn the most trust and meaningful connections.

Living Your TBH Best Life

I hope these witty comebacks, thoughtful replies, and heartfelt insights have you feeling ready to handle any “TBH” situation that comes your way on the ‘gram. At the end of the day, leading an authentic life is one of the most powerful forms of self-empowerment.

By embracing radical candor and unvarnished truth in your social interactions, you open the doors for real emotional intimacy and meaningful connections. That said, learning to strike the right balance between brutal honesty and basic human decency is a life-long journey.

So keep showing up as your most genuine self, keep that clever wit on tap, and always remember – you have full control over the comments you post and the energy you put out into the universe. Make yours unmistakably radiate authenticity, openness, and warmth. That’s the secret to living your truth, handling those TBH moments with grace and style, and creating the deepest bonds along the way.

Honesty looks good on you, fam. Now go forth and TBH with your whole heart!

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