29+ Other Ways to Say Looking Forward to Your Reply

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I was recently having a conversation with my friend over text. We were planning a fun weekend activity – going to the new arcade place in town. I suggested Saturday evening and ended my message saying “Looking forward to your reply“. My friend replied saying that phrase sounds so formal! She’s right – it does sound very business-like for a casual chat between friends.

That got me thinking about better ways to end messages that don’t come across so stiff. I decided to put together this article on different ways to say “Looking forward to your reply” in various situations. Whether you are emailing your boss, texting your significant other, or chatting with friends and family – there are more natural sounding options. Keep reading for lots of examples!

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Your Reply”?

Before we get into the funny, flirty, and creative ways to end messages, here is a handy list of 10 simple alternatives for saying “Looking forward to your reply.”

Alternative Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Your Reply”
Can’t wait to hear back from you!
Looking forward to hearing what you think.
Let me know what you decide.
Hoping to hear from you soon!
Counting on a quick reply!
I’ll be waiting for your response.
I’m eager to hear your thoughts.
I await your reply!
I welcome your response.
I’m all eyes for your next message!

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Funny Ways to Say You Await Their Reply

Let’s add some humor! Here are 5 funny ways to tell someone you are eagerly waiting to hear back from them:

Funny Ways
My phone is glued to my hand until you text back!
I’ll be staring at my inbox like 👀 waiting for your response.
Quick – reply and save me from my boredom!
Tick tock, tick tock…just biding my time over here waiting for your message.
If I stare at my phone long enough, will your reply appear through telepathy?

Savage Ways to Say You Expect Their Reply

And for those times you want to give someone a kick in the pants for being slow to respond, here are 5 savage ways to say you expect them to reply promptly:

Savage Ways
Stop leaving me on read – reply already!
I know you saw my message…why haven’t you answered? 😒
Time is ticking – I’m still waiting over here!
If you make me send a follow up text, I’ll be annoyed.
Are you planning to respond this year or should I just give up?

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Polite Yet Firm Ways to Say You Await Their Reply

When you want to bug someone to reply but keep it professional, here are 5 polite yet firm reminders:

Polite Yet Firm Ways
Did you get my earlier message? Just wanted to follow up.
Checking back for your response when you have a chance.
Hoping to connect regarding my previous message. Let me know if you have any problems receiving it!
* Connecting again about my last message in case it got buried! Awaiting your reply.
I noticed you haven’t responded about __. I’m sure you’re busy but do reply when possible!

Flirty Ways to Say You Eagerly Await Their Reply

For romantic partners or crushes, up the ante with these 5 flirty messages:

Flirty Ways
You going to leave me hanging here waiting for your text back? 😜
Counting down the minutes until I hear that ding signaling your reply!
I might have to send a selfie to motivate you to hit that respond button…
If I don’t hear back soon I may show up at your place demanding a response! 😘
Every minute without a reply from you feels like an eternity! Have mercy and message me!

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Dramatic Ways to Say You Impatiently Await Their Reply

And lastly, channel your inner drama queen or king with these exaggerated ways to hound someone for a response:

Dramatic Ways
It’s been 84 years and still no reply…how long must I wait?!
I’ve nearly perished waiting for your response! Please end my suffering!
Each moment without a reply chips away at my soul! 😩
I thought we had something special! Why do you wound me by not responding?!
I shall dramatically faint now while hoping to awake to a reply! 😵

Top 5 Editor’s Choice Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Your Reply”

Can’t Wait for Your Response!

This friendly and casual option works great for both personal and professional messages. It’s warm and inviting while still getting the point across that you eagerly await their reply.

Dying to Hear Back from You

While it sounds a bit dramatic, responding that you’re “dying to hear back” conveys an enthusiastic anticipation for their response. It’s playful hyperbole that tells the recipient you truly can’t wait for their message.

Patiently Awaiting Your Reply

Sometimes it pays to be politely persistent. Letting someone know you are “patiently awaiting” their response applies a bit of productive pressure. It reminds them to prioritize responding without being too pushy.

On the Edge of My Seat Here!

Telling someone you’re “on the edge of my seat” gives fun visual imagery to get across your excitement for their reply. They’ll know you are thrilled to continue the conversation.

Can’t Wait to Continue Our Chat

For ongoing conversations over multiple days or weeks, try ending your latest message with “Can’t wait to continue our chat!” It keeps dialogue flowing across long periods by making clear you still have more to talk about.

Ways to Say It to Your Boss

As an employee, what are some professional ways to tell your manager you await their response? Here are 5 good options:

Ways to Say to Your Boss
Looking forward to receiving your feedback.
Can’t wait to further discuss upon your review.
Ready to move forward upon your direction.
Please advise based on the information I’ve provided.
Hoping we can make a decision after your input.

Ways to Say It to Your Friend

Here are 5 casual ways to tell your friend you want them to text you back soon:

Ways to Say to Your Friend
Hit me back so we can finally plan this weekend!
Hoping that text notification comes quick with your response!
I know you read this, now give me the deets!
Umm are you planning to respond or…? 😛
I demand details! Message me ASAP with the plan!

Ways to Say It to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

For romantic partners, here are a few playful yet affectionate options:

Ways to Say to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend
Can’t wait to continue our conversation, babe! 😘
Hoping to keep chatting over dinner tonight? 🥰
Let’s reconnect soon, I miss you! ❤️
Counting the minutes for us to talk again. 🥹
So ready for our nightly phone call and texts! ☎️

Ways to Say It to Your Mom

If messaging your mom, you’ll likely want to keep things polite and respectful:

Ways to Say to Your Mom
I hope I receive the care package soon. Can’t wait for your next letter!
Thanks for the recipes – I look forward to writing you about how they turn out!
Let’s finalize Thanksgiving plans over the phone later today! 🦃
Hoping to get your sage advice when you can.
Please call me soon so we can catch up! 💌

Ways to Say It to Your Little Sister

Here are some upbeat ways to tell your younger sister you want her to message you back faster:

Ways to Say to Your Little Sister
Why are you taking 84 years to respond? 😝
Stop leaving me hanging and tell me what’s going on!
Come on sis, reply faster next time! 🏃‍♀️
Let’s chat ASAP – I gotta hear these deets!🗣
Wake up your thumbs and text me back already sheesh! 🙄

And those are just a few tailored ways to say “Looking forward to your reply” based on your audience! The key is matching the tone and formality to whoever you are communicating with while still clearly expressing your anticipation.

In Conclusion

I hope this massive list of over 50 different ways to say “Looking forward to your reply” has your messaging sounding fresh and lively! Whether it’s your boss, bestie, sibling or romantic interest – there are creative alternatives to the stale, business-y phrase.

So ditch the robotic sign-off and start concluding your messages with something that perfectly captures the spirit of your relationship and conversation. The person receiving it will feel the genuine excitement pulsing through your words to hear their response. And that makes for better connections overall!

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