29+ Other Ways to Say Looking Forward to It

I was having a casual conversation with my friend James the other day. We were finalizing plans to meet up for dinner next week. After going back and forth on the date and restaurant, we locked in the details. “Awesome!,” James said. “I’m looking forward to it.

As soon as he said that, my mind started racing. I know “looking forward to it” is a common phrase people use to express excitement about future plans. But at that moment, I wondered – what are some other ways to say the same thing? Are there more interesting or creative ways to express anticipation that could spice up everyday dialogues?

I made a mental note to explore this topic further. The curiosity was killing me! And that, my friends, was the origin story behind this article you’re reading today on “10 Alternative Ways to Say Looking Forward to It.”

What are 10 Alternative Ways to say “Looking Forward to It”?

After my intriguing conversation with James, I went down an internet rabbit hole researching alternate phrases people use to convey enthusiasm about upcoming events. I discovered so many fun, clever options beyond the plain old “looking forward to it.”

Below I’m sharing my top 10 finds in a handy table. Try incorporating some of these playful alternatives into your own vocabulary to add a little verbal flair!

10 Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to It”
Can’t wait!
I’ve got it marked on my calendar!
Consider me signed up and ready to go!
You had me at [activity]!
My anticipation is building!
I’m all kinds of excited!
Circle me in!
I’ll be there with bells on!
Counting down the days!
I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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Funny Ways to Say It

Who says you can’t have some laughs when making future plans? Insert one of these silly one-liners when confirming an upcoming hangout to give your friend a healthy chuckle.

Funny Alternatives
Oooh, I’m all tingly with anticipation!
Consider my RSVP a big fat yes!
I’ve already practicing my happy dance for when we meet up!
Mark me down as one excited camper!
I’ll be there with jingle bells on!

Savage Ways to Say It

Feeling a little spicy? Throw some subtle shade into the mix when making plans with your frenemy or rival. These snarky responses bring the heat while confirming you’ll be there.

Savage Alternatives
Well I guess I could clear my busy schedule for this.
suppose I can grace you with my presence.
I already regret agreeing to this butwhatever, I’ll be there.
This better be worth my valuable time!
I thought about cancelling last minute just to mess with you but decided not to be THAT cruel!

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Flirty Ways to Say It

Hoping to subtly shoot your shot with your crush? Flirt things up while finalizing plans with one of these cheeky responses containing just the right amount of suggestiveness!

Flirty Alternatives
Consider me teased and tantalized for our date!
Oooh, you really know how to excite a girl!
I’m already daydreaming about seeing you again!
Thoughts of our next hangout give me butterflies!
You had me at [activity]! I’ll be ready and waiting!

Sarcastic Ways to Say It

Can’t contain your sass? Channel your playful cynicism into one of these sarcastic rejoinders when confirming plans. But don’t go overboard or your tone could be misconstrued!

Sarcastic Alternatives
Gee, I can barely control my enthusiasm.
Yay. So fun. Can’t wait.
Oh I’ll be there for sure! With pompoms and confetti!
Wow I’m just SO exceptionally thrilled!
My calendar has literally never been so exciting!

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Exaggerated Ways to Say It

In the mood for some light-hearted hyperbole? Ham it up with an absurdly-eager response from this list. But remain aware of your audience – some more literal folks may take your exaggerated anticipation seriously!

Exaggerated Alternatives
I am DYING in anticipation! This wait may kill me!
I am so unbelievably psyched I likely won’t sleep a wink!
My heart exploded from excitement – but see you there next week!
I cannot FATHOM containing my anticipation!
I may need to be medicated to temper my off-the-charts enthusiasm!

5 Editor’s Choice Ways to Say It

After compiling dozens of creative options, the Mrsandthemisc team selected our top 5 favorite alternatives for smoothly expressing eagerness about pending plans. Check out these editor-approved selections below!

I’ve Already Cleared My Schedule

This thoughtful response reassures your friend you’re prioritizing their upcoming event by clearing your calendar. It conveys genuine excitement minus over-the-top enthusiasm which could inadvertently apply pressure. Simply let them know the date is secured in your schedule and you’re ready to fully participate!

Count Me In!

The classic, friendly phrase “count me in” perfectly encapsulates anticipation and agreement in just two words. Its casual brevity makes it suitable for myriad situations without seeming excessively committed or misleading potential partners if romantic intentions aren’t present. You really can’t go wrong confirming plans with this simple yet effective staple!

I Wouldn’t Miss It!

When you tell someone “I wouldn’t miss it,” you generate excitement while setting clear expectations that wild horses couldn’t keep you away from said engagement. This affirmative phrase works splendidly for close pals organizing a group outing. But be judicious using it in fledgling romantic interactions since premature intensity could overwhelm new love interests.

It’s a Date!

Responding “it’s a date!” carries playful romantic connotations perfect for subtly signalling crushes you perceive meetups as dating opportunities. Yet its cheeky versatility also allows friends to throw it out there casually without fear of creating awkwardness or confusion. Just mind your tone and relationship dynamic when dropping this popular phrase.

You Know I’ll Be There!

This enthusiastic response conveys familiarity plus reassurance by emphasizing the planning friend surely “knows” your steadfast reliability. Coming from an established bestie, it won’t appear oddly overzealous. But new lovebirds should exercise more caution tossing it out prematurely. When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt keeping initial joint plan confirmations slightly low-key.

Ways to Say It to Your Boss

Informing your manager you eagerly anticipate an upcoming work event requires thoughtful phrasing balancing professionalism, restraint and appropriate enthusiasm. Consider one of these strategic options when confirming attendance with workplace higher-ups.

Thanks for Inviting Me! I’ll Definitely Be There

Count Me In for Valuable Face Time with the Team!

Ways To Say It To Your Date

Whether confirming an initial meet-up or 10th anniversary dinner, navigate romance’s tricky waters by responding to your partner’s invitation with one of these flirty yet appropriate phrases.

I Can Hardly Wait, Handsome!

You Had Me at [Location]! Count Me In, Cutie!

Last Words

In conclusion, having alternate ways to express anticipation truly does prove handy improving everyday dialogue’s flair. I encourage spicing up oft-repeated phrases like “looking forward” injecting creative variety keeping conversations fresh.

Remember—tactfully tailored responses aligning with each unique relationship dynamic carry power strengthening bonds tenfold. So have fun exploring the verbal possibilities while confirming upcoming plans with all your favourite people!

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