Breast Milk Popsicles: Cooking Up a Teething Cure

So many good ideas are exchanged at the hair salon. Case and point: At my latest beauty appointment, the hairstylist inquired about my baby and, of course, the stories flowed. One of the things I shared is how Grace is teething pretty bad, and in an effort to avoid baby medicines as much as possible, I was thinking about ordering a bunch of different teething toys from Amazon (like this one, and this one here).

That’s when she told me about an idea she’d seen on Pinterest – breast milk popsicles!

Sounded like something that might work, so I immediately went home to try it. I figured it’d be pretty easy to do too. Well… I was right! Here’s all I did:

1. Pour breast milk into a few ice cube tray holes. I just filled them a tad more than halfway because I wanted to make sure she could fit them in her mouth later (but not too small that she could choke on them). Or you can try one of the many versions of this from Pinterest. The pacifier idea seems neat.

2. Cover really good with ice tray cover or press and seal wrap … Something you trust to protect it from freezer burn. Let the freezer do it’s magic.

3. Pop out and put into a teether toy like this one.


Or this kind here.

4. Pass it off to baby for them to teeth and suck on and enjoy.

5. Store the extras cubes for later.

I guess the breast milk is just a good lure to keep the cold on their gums and in their mouth. I know Grace likes teething rings but they lose their cool sooooo fast and other items like those aren’t fun for very long and she just drops them in exchange for her hand. So these popsicles are great for her cause she loves her milk! I love that she actually keeps it in her mouth and gnaws on it long enough for real lasting relief… Or so it seemed. Haha

She clearly loooovvvvveeeees this idea, and so do I! ūüôā Here she is enjoying them!



Gotta love this reaction! She was IN.¬†TO. IT! ūüôā




IMG_4990.JPGHappy mommy and baby selfie because of our successful little breast milk popsicle experiment!



I only made three cubes this go-round, so I only had to stow away two cubes for later, but I’ll be making a tray of extras ASAP so she’s never without one when she’s having a bad teething sesh.

IMG_4992.PNG I’m gonna try this flavor combo next because Grace loves, loves, loves the bananas I made her! (I’ll have to post next time about my adventures in baby food making! ūüėé)

The not so delectable evening of eating healthy.

Face it. Most “healthy” meals are not¬†“I crave”¬†delicious. And none of “you get used to it after a while and you’ve adapted to a healthier lifestyle” shit.¬†One never “craves” kale, carrot juice, squash, potatoes without butter, omelets without cheese, life without bread, pancakes without bacon,¬†a DIET, and I could go on.

Recently at my casa, we have failed attempted to start eating healthier, and one of the veggie meals I made for dinner the other night, while visually pleasing, and wonderful to whip up for: the inlaws, “meeting of the parents,” grandparents, someone trying to watch their weight….it isn’t anything anyone will ever ask for on death row, their birthday, etc.

Here is¬†the original¬†inspiration picture¬†I “re-pinned” on Pinterest and decided to recreate:

1AND my version with a few tweaks:


  • PREHEAT oven to 350 degrees
  • 1 green zucchini
  • 1 yellow squash
  • 1 red potato
  • 1/2 cup chopped onions
  • 1 tablespoon of EVOO
  • 1 tablespoon¬†minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
  • dash of salt & pepper to season

Note to reader:¬†We aren’t fans of tomatoes so they were omitted.¬† However, the juiciness that comes from those little red sun lovers, was definitely missing in “our vegetable medley”. If made again (probably not), I would add¬†a¬†little¬†butter to the bottom of glass¬†cookware (for flavor) and instead of parmesan, I would opt for mozzarella. The parmesan did not¬†bake as prettily (as I think mozzarella would) or¬†as the cheese in the PINTEREST picture, and was on the slightly¬†crispy side! Lastly, as there are only two of us in la casa…I only used 1 vegetable each, and we had leftovers (which went in the trash), that could have fed another 3 guests. I would suggest adding 1 of each vegetable for 5 or more individuals.

1. Gather all ingredients. Slice & Chop 

¬†2. In a bowl,¬†take your salt, pepper, rosemary,¬†and 1/2 of garlic measured- tossing your vegetables with EVOO¬†so as to be coated evenly.¬†¬†Next take¬†sliced zucchini, squash, and red potato along with your chosen cookware. Alternate slices to make for a splendid photo opportunity, to trick the children into thinking its going to be the best vegetable dish they’ll ever eat, or show the in-laws that you really are the¬†ideal American Mrs.

3.  Sprinkle remainder of garlic, all of onions and cheese (of choice) on top of sliced produce. s5Bake at 350, covered, for 20-40 minutes (this depends on your oven temps)

Lastly,¬†IF YOU TRY IT, I am open to suggestions on¬†making this dish more flavorful. Like I mentioned above, we are trying to eat healthier on a daily basis ūüôā

A Facelift…

Q: Easiest & Affordable way to change the look of your home?

A: Paint

Here are a few amazing room transformations and furniture makeovers with paint.  FYI, these are not images of my home, as it will be a work in progress for the next couple years.

slide_292065_2339285_freebefore-after-green-paintGreenChinaCabinetDining Room BeforeBoard & Batten Dining Room Makeover 3cgbeforeandafter_thumb

Sherwin Williams has a sale about 2 or 3 times a year with their paint being 40% off, and about 3 weeks before we were to move into our new home, I went ahead and bought about 27 cans during their awesome sale! Something people don’t know, is that you can buy¬†their “paint in the can” without having color added. Then, at a later date when you have decided on your colors…. bring the paint back & they will add color (free of course, since¬†its already been paid for at an earlier date.) Also, if you¬†estimated more paint than necessary, you can return it (with receipt), unless of course you have added the color to it. (I believe there is a 60 day return policy, so just figure it out sooner than later.)

Another paint estimated tidbit: Apparently, when you have popcorn removed from ceilings, its likely to need double the amount of ceiling paint you actually think is necessary, because the ceiling will just drink it up.

About a week ago, I mentioned reader, that¬†there would¬†be pictures of my updated laundry room…but guess what? I’m not finished. Between working full time, and¬†driving about 2 and a half hours a day for this job…I am usually exhausted when I finally get home at 6:30 in the evening.¬†My husband and I have been trying to push through our “paint reno” ¬†after work everyday, but the process has been slow going.

Today I just have some progress pictures…but next week I promise, I will have images of our finished “completed for now” master closet & laundry room.

Goal for this week: Finish painting ALL closets & complete laundry room

Ongoing Project: Painting Living Area, Question Room, Kitchen, & all bedrooms

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Recipe: Roasted Brussel Sprouts (PASS OR FAIL?)

So, I decided to make brussel sprouts.

Why is this blog-worthy? Well, I hate them and have only ever liked them one time when my stepmother roasted them to some random point of perfection … something I was never willing to try. Until now.

You see, I’m dieting. Eating much cleaner – while not fully “clean” – and reducing carbs and sugars as I increase leafy greens. And I’m getting bored fast with salad and broccoli.

So, brussel sprouts.

Pass or fail? PASS! My husband even ate them. That’s a major PASS moment if he ate them.

Here’s my attempt at roasting them and enjoying them:




Just cut them into halves or fourths and then throw in pan, sprinkle with olive oil, touch of salt and pepper, tsp of mince garlic and tbps of lemon juice and cook till just tender and browned. Done.

Delicious greens for extra healthy meal.

Recipe: Roasted Brussel Sprouts (PASS OR FAIL?)

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So, I decided to make brussel sprouts. Why is this blog-worthy? Well, I hate them and have only ever liked them one time when my stepmother roasted them to some random point of perfection … something I was never willing … Continue reading

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