DIY Chalkboard Frame

You many have seen pictures of a chalkboard frame at the recent surprise maternity party I helped throw for Mrs. Irvin, and due to many requests…here is how I made it.


-old frame (already had)

– 1/8″ 2×4 temp hardboard (measured and cut to fit your frame)

-paintbrush (already had)

-paint color for your frame (already had)

-Martha Stewart chalk paint color for your temp board (purchased at Michaels with a 40% off coupon!)

TIME: About 1 1/2 hours total. This includes prep work (running to store for temp hardboard) and dry time in between coats.

COST: About $10

1. Grab an old frame you already have, preferably one with glass in it. (The glass will help you measure the sizing of the temp hardboard). If you don’t have a frame, visit your local thrift shop or flea market. If you can see the potential in the design of the frame…remember, you can always paint it. (I painted mine!)


2. With your measurements for the glass recorded, visit your local Lowes or Home Depot & find the temp hardboard. Temp hardboard is used for all sorts of things, and they will have different widths available. I purchased 1/8″ because it would fit snugly behind my frame. It really depends on the depth of your frame however. FYI: Home Depot will cut your board for you. They will actually do 2 FREE cuts, but you will need to have your measurements. Because my frame was of average size, I knew I would have leftover temp board & also knew I would be using the extra for another project I am currently working on…so they were able to cut for both my projects!!! FREE!


3. For the paint color on my frame body , I used Valspar extra white, extra glossy. I also painted about 4 coats because I wanted it to be consistent without brushstrokes showing. I gave the frame about 20 minutes between each coat to dry, and then left it alone overnight when the desired white was completed.

4. Take a cardboard box & open it up. It must be big enough to lay your temp hardboard on top of. Rough side down and smooth side up.


5. Another FYI: Why use black chalkboard paint when there are color options? Martha Stewart offers a mint green, a gray brown (which I used), and a vibrant blue. Take your Martha Stewart Chalk paint and squirt it on your board. Paint fast, because it drys extremely quickly & you want the paint coats to be even. You will see what I’m talking about if you dilly dally around. It is suggested to paint two coats on for a desired even look, however I applied 3.

6. After letting your “chalkboard” dry (I would suggest leaving it alone overnight),  take your completely dry board and place into your frame. Secure and Voila! You are officially a DIY’er!!!



PS… You can use this frame for: menus, games, chore schedules, etc, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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