$5.75 Thats Worth Your Time


So, there were 2 trash bags filled with: 1) entryway floor mat, 2) bath mat, 3) set of sheets, 4) mattress protector, & 5) master bed quilt/comforter. For a month these items were chillin’  in their transient home, when 2 days ago, sick of having my bed quilt in a garbage bag  I took a trip to the local washateria to save time and money.

Why wash 4 separate loads when you can wash 1! (And yes, I own a washer & a dryer)

Placing my dirty things in an extra large washing machine with 2 Tide pods (which I already had), washing on a hot, heavy load with an extra rinse cost me $5.75.


And, because I paid for a washing machine, I received a “free dry”. I partook of 4 dryers (all free) to dry my things, which if done at home, would have taken me the better part of a Saturday afternoon.

Total wash & dry time: 1hr & 20 minutes

Total cost: $5.75

How important is your time?


One thought on “$5.75 Thats Worth Your Time

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