A Weekend with the Mrs: Improv Dessert

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  Maybe it’s my Dutch blood, or some unspoken essential to a girls weekend, but when we all decided to make recipes from scratch items already stocked in Lindsay’s pantry, I knew my dessert had to include chocolate. Here is what I came up with: chocolate cream … Continue reading

Quick Mexican Side: Avocado Voila!!!

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What a relaxing few days!! This past Friday-Sunday, I had a wonderful opportunity to just hang with my besties and I jumped at this rare chance where all three of us are together. Mrs. Fincher and I made the drive … Continue reading

A Weekend with the Mrs: How to Make an Improv Cocktail

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This past weekend, Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Fincher drove up from Dallas to visit me in Little Rock. It was just a weekend of no big plans, but lots of catching up and laughter. Friday night, Mrs. Christensen had a … Continue reading

Bakin’ Bacon

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I had never thought of making bacon any other way than pan frying it, (microwaving throws the texture off) until we went to visit friends and they made bacon one morning in the oven.  It was so easy, and so much … Continue reading

New Waistline, New Wardrobe: My Top 5 Summer Style Essentials

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You may remember that I’ve been trying to lose weight. Last time I checked in with y’all, I was down 5 pounds. Well … I’m happy to announce I’ve lost 21 pounds. Last time I did an inch count, I’d … Continue reading

The Tower Spa Review: they get an A-!

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Last week my little sister won a spa party package for two, to ‘The Tower Salon & Spa‘ in Dallas, TX. She called about 45 minutes before the scheduled appointment for an invite, and of course I said YES! My cool cat … Continue reading

Unique Wedding Gowns I Love (Plus Trends & Designers I’m Obsessed With)

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{This post was inspired by and is dedicated to my sister-in-law, whose wedding is coming up and I’ve been helping her find a dress. It’s been so much fun.} As a bridal magazine editor, I see a lot of wedding … Continue reading

2 Ingredient Cookies (Plus Add-Ins)

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I’m a big fan of breakfast, and can’t go a day without it, so when I found a recipe here for two ingredient cookies, just bananas and oats (plus your choice of add-ins), I have been obsessed ever since. They are perfect for breakfast … Continue reading

Healthier, Homemade Microwave Popcorn Using a Catamount Corn Popper

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My husband and I received the Catamount Corn Popper and a package of seasonings from my Grammy last Christmas. At first, I was a little perplexed by this contraption, but upon a quick Google, I learned that this was going … Continue reading