New member to our family!

Exciting news: There is a new member to our family!

I laugh out loud, because while I am nearing 30 soon, most that are my age, are making baby announcements! And while, this is a baby announcement of sorts…it is actually a pet proclamation! We have a new kitten! Found these cute announcements a couple of years back at Barnes and Nobles, and decided that I would hang on to them until we had a new pet. They were self explanatory, with directions on how to print: pets name, weight, & birth date, and also a “clean touch”  ink safe “transfer”  for the pets paw print to be copied and pressed into the card. It was not harmful at all, and there was never any ink on her. It reminded me of “transfer” paper, I used in art classes during college. If you are LOVING my announcement…I did find it here, as well as several other adorable ideas that I have shared with you below.






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