Country Chic Bud Vase

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This Memorial Day, we decided to throw a fairly last minute cook-out (I’m now suspicious that my husband put the idea of this in my head as an elaborate scheme to get a new grill) but anyway, I needed some decorations quick and made … Continue reading

Delicious Shrimp Recipe, from someone who doesn’t like seafood

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I used to be a really “safe” consumer. I would not taste something I didn’t like the looks of, and grew up in a family where we only ate chicken. I had this weird aversion towards pepperoni for years(because I … Continue reading

My Sister Becomes a Mrs. – See Photos from her Gorgeous Scottsdale Wedding

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My sister is married. (I can’t believe I’m typing this right now.) On Sunday evening, last night, my sister married her best friend and soul mate, Talley Parker. I officially have my FIRST BROTHER! I can’t believe it. I really … Continue reading

5 Things You Need to Buy at the Dollar Store & 5 Things You Shouldn’t Ever

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I’ll admit it. I shop at dollar stores. Dollar Tree mainly. And while my trips aren’t frequent, there are a handful of things I won’t buy anywhere else. I thought I’d share these with you in hopes of saving you … Continue reading

New member to our family!

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Exciting news: There is a new member to our family! I laugh out loud, because while I am nearing 30 soon, most that are my age, are making baby announcements! And while, this is a baby announcement of sorts…it is … Continue reading

Flavored Ice Cubes

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My husband and I both being from the south, we drink a good deal of sweet tea. Having brunch on our back porch last weekend I decided to spruce things up a bit and offer some flavored ice cubes with tea and lemonade. I did … Continue reading

No More Mrs. Nice Homeowner: Tips for Protecting Your Home from Burglaries

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A break-in is putting it mildly. The burglar who chose our house two weeks ago KICKED-IN, breaking our door in half. We had our alarm on when the criminal came in. And while the police were there within a few … Continue reading

Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are the only dessert my husband asks for (he’s not big on sweets). You can imagine I have made these a few times in the years we have been together, and here is the recipe I have perfected. The insides … Continue reading

Date Weekend from the Past!

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My husband and I first started dating the summer before our freshman year of college. Then when fall semester began, he went to Baylor University and I to the University of North Texas. For the next four years, we would … Continue reading

Happy Bachelorette Miss Turner (aka soon-to-be Mrs. Parker)

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Happy Bachelorette Weekend to my big sister Ashley!