Happy Weekend from the Mrs.

Hi from the horse races in Hot Springs! Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Irvin having a blast, but losing bets! Lol. Happy weekend, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Happy Weekend from the Mrs.

  1. You cuties! Where are the “boys”? You don’t have to lose at the track. My betting strategy is a sure-fire winner. You just have to be modest 🙂 I study the racing form, watch the odds and place a $2 show bet on the favorite. If I feel really lucky or if the 2nd favorite interests me, I place a 2nd $2 show bet on that horse (if I also like the jockey). I cash a ticket almost every race, paying for my pastrami and beer and racing forms. The only time I ever lost was at Hot Springs with a former student whose family had a box. He insisted upon spending $20-30 on each race, buying $10 tickets and trifectas and such stuff. He lost almost everything, and when I felt pressured to try some of his tactics, I lost, too. I get just as excited watching my $2 show bet as if I had a $100 win bet on the favorite 🙂

    • I do the same. $2 show and place and win bets mostly on medium odd horses. And occasionally a box trifecta or exacta but like u those always lose. The boys were there and we had a blast! Xoxo

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