Unique Bridal Showers – A “Friends” TV Show & Central Perk Themed Party

I’ve been DYING to post about the bridal shower I’ve been planning for one of my very best friends in the entire world. I have to say, I am pretty proud of the theme I chose and how it turned out.

My friend Stephanie and I met our freshman year at the University of North Texas, and it was no doubt fate, because we both went to poli-sci class the first day with the game plan of making a friend. The rest is literally 10 years of history (10 years in August!).

One of the things I learned early on about Stephie was that she was addicted to watching “Friends.” She didn’t watch much TV, but would put in DVDs of the 10 seasons of “Friends” and watch them over and over again. As Stephanie’s only bridesmaid / matron of honor, I am in charge of the shower. And when it came time to plan, I don’t know why, but I immediately wanted to throw a “Friends” theme. It was literally the first and last idea I had. My helpers inspired me to make it work … and we came up with a Central Perk food/refreshment theme within the “Friends” theme. SO, without further ado, here – in pictures and captions – are the cute details from the “Friends” themed bridal shower. Mrs. Fincher and Mrs. Christensen were integral party helpers and will blog about their contributions this week … sort of a Bridal Shower Special on Mrs. & the Misc! 🙂

Central Perk-themed Treats
(food and drink you’d find in a coffee shop!)


Mrs. Fincher hand painted this for the shower!!!!!! AMAZING.


Just like at Central Perk, guests were served out of cool different coffee mugs. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law happen to have a HUGE collection of mugs, so it worked out PERFECT! Mrs. Fincher also drew the menu board in chalk!

photo copy 7

Another view of the pretty mugs.

photo copy

The tea and cocoa stations. HOTT is the bride’s last name … it’s not a misspelling.

photo copy 5

Giant mugs – like the ones on FRIENDS and in the Central Perk sign on the show – were used to hold the party silverware.


Beverages: an incredible Southern Living punch made by Mrs. Christensen, ice water, HOTT tea, HOTT chocolate (the bride’s last name is Hott, by the way!) and coffee (in the background).


My little Instagram collage of shower details!


Amazing Neapolitan cupcakes made my the bride’s soon-to-be sister-in-law, Mrs. Bouchard. She and her friends Jami and Addi were big helps in planning too! They all had FANTASTIC ideas and inspired me.

photo copy 6

For something a little savory, but still café-esque, Jami made chicken pesto muffins with sun-dried tomatoes.

photo copy 4

Vanilla wafers and pirouettes for the hot cocoa station!

photo copy 2

Mrs. Christensen icing her INCREDIBLE bundt cake.


As you can see, I used DVD box sets of FRIENDS within the decor. Also, and this is a MONEY SAVING tip, y’all: Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers for $20, I went to Home Depot and bought two plants ($1.48/each) to put into a vase I already owned in the party colors – which are clearly purple and yellow! Then, I left the flowers for my mother-in-law, as a thank you for letting me use her house. A two-in-one gift for the hostess and decor for party!


friends trivia

Guests competed to see if they could beat the bride on wedding-themed FRIENDS trivia. She won, of course, but her aunt (who claims she never watched the show) came the closest.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 10.41.33 AM

The prize for the winner of the FRIENDS game. I originally wanted to put the DVD on the big TV behind where we were doing gifts, so that wedding episodes were flashing in the background, BUT the dvd player didn’t work. Would’ve been on mute, so as not to bother guests, but it didn’t end up making a difference.


gift time

time for gifts!


the bride and her mom 


me and the bride


the happy bride opening gifts

So what did you think?


94 thoughts on “Unique Bridal Showers – A “Friends” TV Show & Central Perk Themed Party

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  2. Oh I am so happy I just ran into this! My sister is getting married in June and I am currently planning a bridal shower with a Friends theme!! Thanks for all the little ideas that will definitely add to the party!

    • I absolutely love this idea!! I emailed Aubri regarding the invitations!! hope to hear from her soon! we are super excited to throw my lil sister a bridal shower! we love this theme and all your ideas, she is a FRIENDS fanatic and i know she is going to love it! thanks for blogging!

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  4. Awesome ideas…. Where did you get the Friends Bridal Shower Trivia Game? I am planning a shower for my sister who loves Friends and this game would be perfect!

  5. This shower idea is AMAZING. I’m the MOH for my best friend, and have been racking my brain for the perfect idea for her shower in August – and this is it, I mean we spent last Friday night watching episodes of Friends – haha. Anyway I can jump on that bandwagon too for the trivia game (LRaddatz05@yahoo.com)? (If there were a way to officially credit you, I most definitely would!) Also – where did you find that DVD; did you just buy it off of Amazon?

    • Sure! And amazon is it! Cheap and easy! Also – I think I might make the trivia quiz a download since it’s so popular 🙂 its a fun theme and was pretty inexpensive to pull off 🙂 hope u have some good bridesmaid help

  6. Hi there! I am jumping on the request for the trivia game too please. We are throwing a surprise engagement party for my sister next weekend and she would die over this game. Thank you for inspiring such a wonderful party!

  7. This is the PERFECT shower theme for my best friend getting married later this year! She also owns all 10 seasons on DVD and watches them regularly. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  9. Super Cute!!! Now tell me if this is too corny for a baby-shower idea. Guests bring homemade frozen meals for the parents (along with regular baby jazz) and the theme is “Ice, Ice, Baby” too much- it came to me in the middle of the night and I can’t tell if it’s loco.

  10. I love your ideas and photos! Thank you so much for sharing. I too am a friends fanatic. I was actually thinking of having a friends themed birthday party and will have to steal some ideas.

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  13. Hmm it appeears lke your website ate my first comment (it was super
    long) soo I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I too aam an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new
    to everything. Do you have any points for
    inexperienced blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    • We just write about what we love to do, really. I think writing about things that mean something to you or that you enjoy is important. I happen to be a professional editor, but the three other Mrs. are just ladies writing about life and things that interest them. Good luck and were so glad you’re enjoying the blog!

  14. First I’d like to say WONDERFUL JOB! This is the coolest theme ever. Now, my sister is turning 30, I love the invitation and cannot find anything like it!! Can you help me with that? You are amazing, I can’t get over this!

  15. I emailed Aubri about these invitations because they are PERFECT for my sister’s shower I’m throwing her, but it’s been a couple weeks and I haven’t heard from her! Is there any way I can get in touch with her? I need to send out invitations within the next couple weeks and my heart is set on these!! Thanks!!

  16. Aubri did my invites and I could not be happier with the way they came out! My daughter’s shower is on 4/12/14. Can’t wait!

  17. I love love love this idea! I’m thinking about doing something similar for my sister’s bridal shower this fall and i was wondering where you got the invitations made from?! I’m obsessed with them and would LOVE to use something like that!

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  19. I’ve been telling my sister for years that I want to do a Friends theme bridal shower when the time comes because she knows Friends backwards and forwards. Now that she’s engaged, I’m so excited to plan it. LOVE your invite. I want to incorporate foods from the show into the party, like “mockolate cake” and “Nest-e-le Toul-ouse” cookies, etc.

  20. Just popping in. Saw and took your quiz on Buzzfeed and am disappointed in myself! Only 10 out of 16 and Friends is one of my faves 🙂
    Awesome idea for a shower! Very clever. I wish I had “Friends” like you 🙂

  21. This is very creative! I know it is an old post, but if you are still responding to comments I was wondering if you had a Friends themed favor? Thanks!

    • I didn’t do a FRIENDS favor, bc I rarely do favors at showers (just something i skip), but I did think of some ideas since then:
      big coffee mugs with candy in them
      little yellow frame keychains (sold on etsy)
      and i also wondered if there was a candy or treat in a famous epispde (like ross’ sandwich that got thrown away or monica’s candy that got passed out to make friends) … to make into favors and include a paper in the bag saying “the one with…” whatever the episode was!

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  27. Hey! im currently trying to host a friends themed bridal shower for my best friend and loved all your ideas just had one question what did you guys end up giving out as a party favor the girls and I are trying to come up with something cute!

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