Tone on Tone Striped Accent Wall

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For one of my guest bedrooms, I wanted to do an accent wall, but the room is not huge so I didn’t want anything overpowering. (The room was a goldenrod yellow which had to go.) I considered wallpaper because I … Continue reading

Checking #1 off the TO-DO!

(The above is a project on bracketing. If you were taking the picture using automatic, which one of the above, do you think your camera would say is the best one? With bracketing, you can control how light or dark … Continue reading

Furniture Style: Out With The Old, In With The New.

I bet if you looked around your house, you have at least 1 piece of furniture that you dislike. It could be because you’ve had it forever, that it was a hand-me-down, or if you’re like me, it’s just plain ugly.

I’ve had these 3 little tables in our garage forever. A few years back I used them outside and the table tops weren’t meant for it. I knew that eventually I would recover the tops and I FINALLY did it.

Here’s what they looked like before. So ugly…but I knew the “bones” of the tables were solid.


I’m glad these didn’t end up in my last garage sale…


It was one of the easiest projects I’ve done in a while. I just had to unscrew all the screws, scrape off the tops of the tables and then use hot glue on the bottom side of each one. I ended up finding a fabric I loved at Joann’s on sale for $13 and it’s all weather material made for outdoors!


My goal for this spring is to get fun pillows and really decorate our back patio. I want a whimsy vintage feel so this fabric fit right in. I can’t wait to get some potted plants for the tables and really make them feel complete.

After about 20 minutes this was the final product! Bye bye old ugly tables 🙂

I scattered them a little so they aren’t all in a single space. I love how they turned out!



Quick & Easy Pot Pie – My Grammy’s “Cheat” Recipe

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My Grammy knows me well. She knows that I don’t like to cook complicated things. I hate getting out tons of ingredients just to create a dish for two people – and I especially hate the mess that comes with … Continue reading

So You’re a First Time Homebuyer?

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Finally! For several years now, my husband & I have wanted to leave apartment living behind us forever. And hopefully, within the next few months that will change. I thought my post today would be of interest to all that … Continue reading

Don’t Waste Your Time on these “Tips”

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These 5 tricks are all over the internet as miracle cures to aid in our laundry, cleaning, and beauty routines, but don’t waste your time, money, or effort on any of these because they just plain don’t work. 1. Fix … Continue reading

The Fitness App that’s Changing My Life (Seriously!)

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About two months ago, I started taking spin classes and exercising three to four times a week. No results. I was clinging to my diet habits and only exercising a little of the gross calorie overage off. So, exactly two … Continue reading

What every Southern girl should have

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What is small or large, can be multi-colored,  has been a royal seal, but has also been found on common bath towels? A monogram!       Monograms originated many years ago as royal seals for kings and queens. Since then … Continue reading

Heart Shaped Fruit Kabobs

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! When I was getting married, I had a friend tell me to eat lots of fruit before the honeymoon because it makes your skin taste sweet. I don’t know about that, but it is for sure healthy … Continue reading

Pina Colada Cake. M’m! M’m! Good! :)

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With Spring practically knocking on our doors these days, I have found myself craving this delicious Pina Colada Cake! It’s easy like most of my recipes and it tastes OH SO GOOD! You have probably past by cans of Coco … Continue reading