What’s a Cricut Machine???

I had no idea what a Cricut machine was until I really started getting artsy fartsy. It’s a fun and easy way to cut things out on cute papers to use for various projec ts. Some people use it for scrapbooking, but for me I am using it for Photpography mainly. I asked for one this past Christmas and my lovely Mom-In-Love got me one! I was so excited when I got it but I had NO idea how to use it, lol.



After I started to read the manual it only took about 5 minutes until I was a pro! I put some cute paper in and off I went…




I ended up making most of the things you see below for my Valentine Mini Sessions!




I think it turned out super cute!




If you are a crafter, I highly suggest looking into getting a Cricut. It saves you so much time AND you get to use any cute patterned paper you want!



4 thoughts on “What’s a Cricut Machine???

  1. have you seen the silhouette cameo? if not, look it up 🙂 I LOVE mine. if you get one, I can send you a million downloads that I have collected over the last year. I have a cricut also, but it was so much cheaper to go with the cameo because you don’t have to buy cartridges

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