DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

These pom poms brighten up any party or shower, and sure you can buy them, but I made a dozen of these for few dollars (you can get packs of tissue paper at the dollar store) versus the $20-50 you would spend buying them online. … Continue reading

You Can Call Me a “MOM*TOG”

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Why can you call me a Mom*Tog??? Well, about a year ago, I took some family pictures for a friend. She wanted to find someone reasonable to do them and I thought it would be fun. I have always had … Continue reading

DIY Painted Canvas: First Item Checked Off My Pinterest Bucket List

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It’s only been about 6 months, but I can cross one thing off my pinterest bucket list. “Make my own art for the house.” Well, maybe I can only put a check mark next to item #1 on my list, … Continue reading

DIY Frosted Glass for Labeling and Decorating

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I have seen people use glass frosting spray paint to add lines to Christmas ornaments and vases, by putting tape across them, so I thought I’d take it a step further using stickers to decorate this plain candle for Valentine’s Day, and … Continue reading

Drumroll please…

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Today I am excited to share with you, my new boys line: loveme apparel. Five years ago I would not have thought I’d be where I am today, however…that was 5 years ago! Q&A: Q: Why start a company? A: … Continue reading

What’s a Cricut Machine???

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I had no idea what a Cricut machine was until I really started getting artsy fartsy. It’s a fun and easy way to cut things out on cute papers to use for various projec ts. Some people use it for … Continue reading

Treatsie Tuesday: How to Start a Treat Day at Your Office

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I want to dedicate this post to the four founding members of Treat Tuesdays, now affectionately referred to as Treatsies, Treatsie Tuesday, Best Day of the Week, etc. 1. Alex, she’s secretly the nicest person in our office. Her sarcastic … Continue reading

Go Dramatic with Charcoal Walls

When we bought our house, my dining room and study were one long, formal sitting room. I felt like this was a waste of space, so we split the rooms up by adding a wall with french doors. We also ripped … Continue reading

5 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

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This Spring one of the Mrs.’ very good girlfriends is getting married to one of my husband’s best friend’s. Taking inspiration from Mrs. Irvin’s earlier bridal post this past Monday, I am following her theme with some ideas for very unique … Continue reading

Italian Cream Cheese Chicken & Pasta – Crockpot Style!

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Okay this is seriously the BEST recipe I’ve blogged about. It’s insanely good. It’s so easy and once you eat it, you won’t believe how much flavor it has! I found the original recipe HERE.   Here is the simple … Continue reading