What Elf Is On Your Shelf?!?!

Have you heard of it? The Elf On The Shelf?! I purchased one for my son when he was 5 months old. Even though I knew it would be a while before I used it, i just couldn’t resist the cuteness. I love anything and everything CHRISTmas and this was no exception.

My son is 21 months now so I decided this year I would start the tradition! Yes, I know he’s not old enough to fully “get it” but I will say since our elf Cleo arrived 4 days ago, every morning when I ask Presley “where’s Cleo The Elf?” he walks around looking for him!

Here’s a few pictures of what I have done the last four days since he arrived!

Day 1:

I found this adorable letter online HERE and then added some wording as well! It’s a letterhead from SANTA! What kid wouldn’t think that’s AMAZING?!?! 🙂

Somebody was HUNGRY 🙂

Day 2:

Cleo knew this was where Presley would go first thing in the morning!

Presley couldn’t believe Cleo got his tooth brush!

Day 3:

We’ve been teaching Presley about Baby Jesus, so Cleo decided to kiss Baby Jesus. Presley saw him and said “night night” because he thinks Baby Jesus is asleep. Sooooooooo preshy!

Day 4:

Presley loves his car’s more than anything so he LOVED seeing Cleo in one of his favorite trucks surrounded by his cars LOL.

So how many moms out there do Elf On The Shelf?! Even if you aren’t a mom, this would make a GREAT Christmas gift for friends with kiddo’s!! It’s fun for the kids and equally as fun for the parents. I love getting creative each night and thinking of ways to display Cleo. Thanks to Pinterest it’s pretty easy.

If you didn’t know about Elf On The Shelf hopefully this makes you a teensy bit excited and maybe you will start this fun tradition in the future!

3 thoughts on “What Elf Is On Your Shelf?!?!

  1. Jennifer, you are so fabulous. Now, I’m gonna be on the look out for an elf. Just got all my Dr. Sues books on Saturday, then the Barnes and Noble ADORABLE books. I’m telling you…you are a super mommy. Oh and, the girls know who big Jesus is…they both go “zzssseezas” (aka Jesus) and “ehhhMAN” (aka as amen). Now time to show them baby Jesus too in our little nativity scene. Another wonderful idea from one of my fav momma’s ever (& why didn’t I think of that?). Thank u for all the inspiration you pass my way. Presley is one blessed little boy. Thank you lady. Xoxo!

    • Heather you are the SWEETEST!!! I will always pass along fun things to you! Your family is precious 🙂 XOXO. I’m still the most excited about those Barnes and Noble Books. It’s hard to wait until Christmas 😦 LOL.

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