5 Things I’m Thankful For

Turkey Day. Tomorrow most of us will enjoy family & friends over a gluttonous meal. We’ll watch the football game, go on a intense caloric-burning all uphill hike (unlikely), or just hang with the family and catch up.

For me, Thanksgivings are the same every year. 1.) Prepare what I’m bringing the night before BUT double recipe. (since I’m bringing same thing to my mom and mother-n-laws homes) 2.) Watch the end of the Macy day parade (I say end, because I slept in too late) 3.) Have first Thanksgiving with my family. Eat & hang for about 4 hours, then… 4.) Move onto husband’s family. Eat & hang for another 4 hours…5.) Go home. Tired, bloated and not feeling that adequate time was spent with either family (However, that is what happens when both families live in town.)

UNTIL this year. My husband and I discussed the day itself had become stressful/rushed & more about commitments than family. We therefore announced we’d spend one Thanksgiving with one family ON Thanksgiving. And then have leftovers with the other on Friday. Switching it up every year going forward.

And to be honest, I have not stopped and been thankful on Thanksgiving in years. It is something I’ve personally been working on because one day is not enough to express our thanks to God for His many blessings.

This year I have 5 things that I am especially thankful for, and I thought I would share them with you all (this is not in order of importance either)

1. This blog. Earlier this year, I thought of starting a website when one of my besties, Lindsay,  described a new beauty product she was trying. I mentioned that we should start a blog, where we could write about products, whats going on in our lives, places we’ve been, etc…and she came up with the name, “Mrs. & the Misc.” shortly thereafter. While we all live in different locations  and don’t talk as much as we’d like, our blog has become a way to stay in touch as we walk through our busy lives.

2. This adorable little guy. His name is Asher and my sister gave birth to him this past Spring. He is the first grand-baby for my mom and dad, and the first child for my sweet sister. He has brought so much joy into my life and we are all so proud of him and his mom. He was instantly a part of the family:) and he will experience his first Christmas in December.

3. This beautiful little girl, Avah. My lovely sister-n-law brought her into the world in June and she is just the sweetest little baby. She makes us all laugh. She is a first child for my brother/sister-n law, and the first grand-baby for my mother-n-law. She will also enjoy her first Christmas this year!

4. God has blessed my family, friends and myself in so many ways this year. My husband, dad, and two sisters have all been blessed with new jobs. My friends & family are all healthy. One of our very best guy friends got engaged to one of our besties. AND I’ve learned to trust in God.

5. AND last but not least…….I was able to start my own company this year, loveme apparel.  It will launch December 1 on etsy. It is a small line of boy’s apparel, some accessories, and a few baby/gift items. For years I have wanted to move forward with the idea, and then this past January- I filed all paperwork, met with all the “right” people/advisors and became an official company in March!

Someone who has been a mentor for me the past couple months, said we should all keep a “thankful” journal, for the things we have been blessed with.  We all have down days, where we are hit with feelings of depression, overwhelming-ness, sadness, stressed, etc…and being able to open up a record of all the good things that have happened is sometimes exactly what we need to remind us that better days do happen, and will. What are you thankful for?

5 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Sue, I am thankful for your friendship; for knowing you and getting to grow up with you and experience so many life experiences (and have each other for support along the way) together. You’re the BEST best friend a girl could ask for and I’m so proud of all you’ve already done – and the things you’re bound to accomplish in the near future. Happy Thanksgiving. I love you.

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