Jungle Green in the City

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 I have always loved this tropical shade of green, and this season it turns out I’ in luck as this shade is one of Pantone’s fashion trend colors for fall/winter 2012. (They call it Ultramarine Green.) Really, the color is the … Continue reading

What Elf Is On Your Shelf?!?!

Have you heard of it? The Elf On The Shelf?! I purchased one for my son when he was 5 months old. Even though I knew it would be a while before I used it, i just couldn’t resist the … Continue reading

Beauty Pass or Fail: Gel Perfect by Nutra Nail

Well, I really want to give Nutra Nail’s Gel Perfect 5-Minute Gel-Color Manicure a bad review, but I can’t help but take responsibility for why I don’t like this gel polish. It chips as fast – if not faster – that … Continue reading

Pumpkin Dip Bowls

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today I am busy together with friends and family and thanking God for all of the gifts in our life, but here’s a quick post on a cute way to dress up a bowl of dip: Simply take … Continue reading

5 Things I’m Thankful For

Turkey Day. Tomorrow most of us will enjoy family & friends over a gluttonous meal. We’ll watch the football game, go on a intense caloric-burning all uphill hike (unlikely), or just hang with the family and catch up. For me, … Continue reading

UPDATE: My DIY Outdoor Pallet Table (The Finished Product)

Remember my first blog post? Well, if not, click the link and check out the nearly-complete diy pallet table I made this summer. Gorgeous raw, but I wanted more. And while it took me long enough, I finally stained and … Continue reading

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving & Starting to Decorate

I’m just so excited to start decorating for the holidays – mainly Christmas – that I decided to blog a little something extra this weekend. This weekend I’m going to knock out some Christmas shopping and my Thanksgiving grocery shopping … Continue reading

5 Things You Can Do In Thailand, Not In Texas

My husband and I are moving back to Dallas for his work. It’s kind of bad timing that it happened to be right when we had planned our trip to Thailand, but the stress of traveling and moving was completely … Continue reading

Nature Parks Come With Perks

I recently discovered two nature parks here in the Tulsa area. I had no idea how much I had been missing until I found them. Nature parks are in every state. Whether you are in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Dallas or any … Continue reading

Mrs. Meetup: Highlights from Our Girls Weekend in Dallas

This past weekend, Mrs. Robertson and I packed (way too much) and drove to Dallas for a girls-only weekend. She drove in from Tulsa, I ventured down from Little Rock, and we met Mrs. Christensen who didn’t have to drive because she … Continue reading