Happy Halloween! and you forgot it was today?

Today is Halloween. Some of us celebrate and others forego….however, who doesn’t like the excuse to be someone else for an evening (or maybe even a day?) About 25% of hard working Americans work for a company that supports  “playing … Continue reading

Just Another DIY Tuesday

So a few weeks back I showed you all my son’s rustic playroom HERE. I saw another quick DIY project a few weeks ago that I just had to do. Here is the image that caught my eye and you … Continue reading

My Pinterest Bucket List: 10 DIY Projects to do Before I Die

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God bless Pinterest. Seriously, thanks to the crafty little site, I now have a growing to-do list of DIY projects that I can actually DO. MYSELF. Remember, I’m the Mrs. who isn’t crafty nor wants to be. But I also … Continue reading

Breakfast for a foodie? You’ll like this.

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Whats a foodie? Well, according to the all knowing Wikipedia, a foodie: is one who loves food for what it is. They like the “consumption, study, and preparation”.  They enjoy the exploration of new foods, and seek to continually develop … Continue reading

Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers (The Easy Way)

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My husband’s cousin, Amanda recently started this cute cooking blog to showcase some amazing recipes she’s trying and probably coming up with on her own. The food looks and sounds incredible. In fact, it was one post of hers, “Touchdown … Continue reading

Divine Pumpkin Roll Recipe

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I have teamed up with some fellow bloggers and today we are ALL writing a Collectively Creative: Halloween Edition post! Be sure to check the bottom of this post for links to all the other fabulous blogs 🙂 There are … Continue reading

Low-fat Mozzarella Sticks

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It’s full on football season, and being from Texas and having a husband also from the south who played college ball, watching football is part of our weekend routine. Because our game watching get-togethers usually end up in a table full of fried … Continue reading

Sensational Succulents for Christmas Ornaments

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We’ve seen it coming these last couple years: Succulents have become mainstream. No longer do they flourish in just terra cotta. They can be decorations, wall hangings,  or even wreaths. One idea that really caught my eye however, was the succulent ornaments. The … Continue reading

Chilly Weather Calls for Chili…and a DELISH dessert!

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Crock-Pot will be set on LOW. How does that word sound? Crock-Pot?? That is the magic word especially for moms! I love anything that is a crock pot recipe. I’m always looking for good meals that don’t take all day … Continue reading

DIY Nail Polish Designs (Pinterest Pass or Fail?)

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Before my recent trip to Vegas, I once again found myself scrolling through the endless list of ideas on my Pinterest and stumbled upon this pin: Since I was planning on touching up my manicure for my trip that evening anyway, I decided … Continue reading