Raspberry Neufchâtel Cake

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One of my favorite things to do on a free morning is grab a coffee and head to the farmers market down the street. September is the end of berry season and since I love any kind of berry, I went … Continue reading

Not your typical front door decor

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First impressions happen quickly. For example: the clothes you wear, are one of the first things people note when meeting you. So, what about your house? The front door is typically seen upon arrival or when walking up, so why not welcome your guests in a way … Continue reading

Miracle Products (Part 1): The Mrs’ Beauty Secrets Revealed

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As the editor of Little Rock Beauty Black Book, I get the opportunity to learn about and sometimes try new and unique treatments and products that I wouldn’t otherwise discover. For our newest issue, which is in production now, I’m … Continue reading

About to Fall

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I finally made it down to the LACMA to see Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer, a 340 ton granite boulder suspended above a sunken walkway.  This Saturday is the first official day of fall, and I am in love with the rich … Continue reading

New artist on the block…

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Every once in a while, I’ll discover a new artist that (has been around forever) and I am absolutely wowed by. This time, that creative spirit is: Lourdes Sanchez, whose company “Luli Sanchez” has designed for many clients you have probably heard … Continue reading

Recipe: Tomato Caprese on the Cheap

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Ever crave something but not have all the ingredients? Then drive all the way up to the grocery store to buy said ingredients, only for the store to be sold out of a particular ingredient or two? Well, that just … Continue reading

Salting Steaks: A Quick and Easy Way to Tenderize Meat

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Being from Texas, I love a good, tender, juicy steak, but the problem is, to get a nice steak you usually have to pay a nice price…which if it were up to my husband we’d be paying about every night. I have … Continue reading

Nurture your child’s creative spirit with…

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Where can I begin to describe how excited I was when I first discovered the children’s line, ‘little goodall‘? We’ll, I’ll tell you…….delighted! In the apparel industry, I view many styles at fashion markets before they arrive in stores, and note various … Continue reading

Where were you on that fateful day (9/11)?

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Where was I? I remember that morning so clearly. I arrived at school, and walked into first period algebra class, with a foggy head from staying up too late the night before. Within the last few minutes of class, another teacher walked in … Continue reading

Does Latisse Really Work? Is it Safe? The Answer is…

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Yes. Latisse, the Rx-only, eyelash-growing serum made famous by the Claire Danes commercials, works. And works well. It’s also safe as can be. In June, I excitedly filled my first-ever Latisse Rx in an effort to grow my stubby little blonde … Continue reading